Folk remedies for the treatment of parasites in the human body

Infection of humans with parasitic worms and their larvae can occur at any time. The negative impact of the vital activity of helminths leads to general intoxication and malfunctions of various systems and organs of the infected. Therefore, at the first signs of invasion, urgent measures must be taken to expel uninvited "guests". This will help us special drugs prescribed by a doctor, and folk remedies for the treatment of parasites in the human body, which have successfully coped with this tasklong before the advent of toxic drugs.

A parasitic worm that can enter the human body

Folk remedies for the treatment of worms in the human body

All anthelmintic recipes used by our grandmothers are based on the ability of medicinal herbs and natural products to suppress the vital functions of parasites. In addition, they are able to quickly remove worms from the body in a natural way and well to repair damaged human liver tissue.

Treatment of helminths with beet syrup

Peel 3-4 young beets and grate them on a fine grater. Add 2 tablespoons to the puree. spoons of rye flour and half a kilo of granulated sugar. Transfer the mixture to a large clean jar and leave for 2 days, stirring occasionally with a wooden spatula.

Grated beets for the preparation of antiparasitic syrup

On the third day, add 1 liter of cold boiled water to the dish and add another 500 g of sugar. Stir well until all ingredients are dissolved, strain. Take beet syrup on a full tablespoon 3-4 times a day.

Important! This recipe is not suitable for people with high blood sugar and some pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. It is better for such patients to choose another method of traditional medicine.

Garlic - an effective helper in the fight against worms

Common and loved by all, garlic not only has excellent taste characteristics that can make our food more fragrant and spicy. This simple vegetable is a recognized means of eliminating parasites. It contains the unique amino acid alliin, which gives garlic powerful antibacterial and anthelmintic properties.

Infusion of garlic

In the morning, prepare a decoction of garlic - finely chop 2-3 large slices of fresh vegetables and pour chilled boiled water in a volume of 50-70 ml. Allow the solution to infuse throughout the day and take it by mouth with a glass of plain water before going to bed.

Chopped garlic - a base for tincture that removes parasites

At the same time, do not remove the garlic from the infusion, but swallow it without chewing. The recommended course of intake is no more than 3 days. To consolidate the effect, repeat the treatment after one week.

Alcoholic garlic tincture

If an adult worm infection has occurred, you can try to treat yourself with an alcoholic tincture of garlic. It's simple: 10 peeled cloves are crushed with the flat side of the blade of the knife and poured with 400 ml of pure alcohol or vodka.

Place the jar with the solution in a dark place and insist for a week, shaking occasionally. Filter the finished medicine, clearing the remnants of burning vegetables. Take 20-25 drops before meals. Along with this method, the use of laxatives is recommended, which will help to completely cleanse the body of parasites.

Garlic oil to remove parasites

Roll a kilo of peeled garlic through a meat grinder. Transfer the resulting mass to a closed container and place it in a dark place for an hour and a half. During this time, the garlic will give a juice that will sink. Remove the top layer of mash and fill the rest with a liter of refined vegetable oil. Stir and leave at room temperature for another 14 days.

Garlic oil - a folk remedy in the fight against helminths

After the required time, strain the resulting mixture through cheesecloth. The finished product should be used as follows - put a tablespoon of garlic oil in your mouth and dissolve without swallowing. Under the influence of saliva, the mixture will thicken and then return to a liquid state. At this point (about 10 minutes after the start of the procedure) you should spit it out. Use this method at least 4-5 times a day. Also, garlic oil can be consumed orally - a tablespoon at each meal.

Important! When exposed to high temperatures, the antibacterial properties of garlic are reduced, so this vegetable should not be subjected to heat treatment.

Get rid of parasites with plants

Experienced herbalists advise using herbs with a sharp, spicy or bitter taste to get rid of worms. Due to their presence in the human body, an environment is formed in which living individuals of parasites stop reproducing and die together with the larvae.

Multi-component herbal helminth tea

The composition of the collection, which helps to destroy helminths (including such a dangerous parasite as tapeworm), includes:

  • mint;
  • wormwood;
  • valerian root;
  • tansy flowers;
  • buckthorn bark;
  • carrot seeds.
An herbal collection that destroys parasites in the body

Mix all the herbal ingredients in equal parts (you can take a little more carrot seeds) and brew, as usual, brew tea - 2 tablespoons per 500 ml of liquid. spoons of dry raw materials. Take herbal drink in the morning and evening half an hour before meals for 3 days.

Recipes for antiparasitic fees

Drinks prepared from a mixture of such medicinal plants that have good anthelmintic properties:

  • elecampane, St. John's wort, eucalyptus, tansy, thyme, centenarian - take 50 g of each ingredient and insist the mixture in a liter of hot water. Filter, drink twice a day before meals;
  • oregano, juniper berries, calendula, dandelion root, willow bark - mix in equal parts and use to prepare a decoction or infusion (a tablespoon of plants in a glass of boiling water);
  • hop cones, knitwear, chamomile, Chernobyl, immortelle, valerian root - chop, cook for 15 minutes in a water bath and drink half a cup during the day.

Cleansing the body with soda enema

Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with 1500 ml of hot water, which must first stand 1-2 days. Stir until completely dissolved. Cool the liquid to a temperature of 38-40 ° C. Inject the soda solution into the rectum using an Esmarch cup, trying to keep the solution inside the body for at least half an hour. Repeat the procedure every other day. The course of treatment is 10 enemas.

Important! All folk remedies for the treatment of parasites in the human body may have individual contraindications. Therefore, before starting self-medication, it is necessary to consult a specialist so as not to provoke an allergic reaction or other side effects.